Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 3 - Exploring Viña del Mar

During week 3, we finally started to get settled into a routine and enjoyed our regular activities as well as some extra time to explore our host city, Viña del Mar.  On Monday afternoon, students played a variety of sports and on Tuesday we continued with our choir and dance classes. We are finally getting the hang of things in choir class and several students had the opportunity to play traditional Chilean instruments. In dance class, we all successfully learned the "Cueca," which is Chile's national dance. On Wednesday, after classes, we took a trip to the movie theater, and on Thursday, we walked to the center of the city to explore artisan shops and enjoy Chilean empanadas. (You're in luck, many of the students purchased gifts to bring home!) We also had a special celebration this week - Mateo's 18th birthday! After a long week of classes, students had the weekend free to spend quality time with their Chilean host families. 

Impromptu concert by Chris while waiting for choir to start

The baritone and tenor sections :-)

Learning the "Cueca"

Happy Birthday, Mateo!

Movie night!

At the arts and crafts fair, buying souvenirs

Delicious empandas!

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