Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet-and-Greet with Host Families

Airport and Flight:

This morning the students met their host families for the first time. Some of the students looked nervous as they were first introduced to their new families for the next 7 weeks, but before long they were all smiling and laughing. After a few words from Becky, Mark, and Jordan and the IFSA Butler staff that will be supporting us throughout our stay in Viña, the group was met with a little surprise. The dance instructor in charge of the students' afternoon dance activities welcomed the group with an esquinazo, a typical Chilean dance. A few of the students were chosen to join him and show off their dance skills as well!

Below you'll find pictures of each student with his/her host family. The students will spend the rest of the day resting and getting settled into their new homes. Classes begin at 9am tomorrow!

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